"Endeavoring to Empower People with Disabilities since 1975"


Our mission is to put into action through advocacy the empowerment, social inclusion, and economic equity for all People with Disabilities.


Provides advocacy to people with disabilities, support and assistance to ensure full participation in community and society in general, and information enabling people to access services to which they are entitled.


A cross-disability agency serving all people with disabilities. We know people with disabilities well. We know the value they offer society, the barriers they face, and we serve them as well as ourselves, filling in the gaps in services and expertise until society, government and industry can acknowledge and pursue the benefits of an inclusive community and workforce. We aim to promote the awareness and understanding of the issues and barriers faced by people with disabilities living in the community. Our entire organization is staffed by people with disabilities and volunteers. We value diversity. Whenever possible our programs and services are run by volunteers from our client base. We work for social and economic independence for people with disabilities. We value everyone’s contribution.